Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dinah the Diva

Hello! My name is Dinah. If you’re wondering what kind of cat I am, no one really knows. But I do know that I’m solid Grey with slightly darker Grey rings on my tail. I’m told frequently how pretty I am, but my humans don’t want my head to swell, whatever that’s supposed to mean. My head feels just fine thank-you! Anyways, I’m about 9 months old- I was born in June 2008, but no one knows the date, because my mum had me in the woods, and she didn’t think to check the calendar. Sheesh! We celebrate it on June 1st though.

If you see me, I am never without my pink rhinestone collar. Real rhinestones, of course. My humans tell me they're plastic, but I think they just don't want the other animals to feel bad. How kind of them!

I live with 4 humans in Canada whom I love and who love me very much. Although I'm very independent, I do enjoy my daily snuggles.

Dinah! There you are, you crazy feline! I need the computer now, scootch over pussy!

Sorry, that was Sarah, one of my humans. Hmm. She kind of ruined the moment. Anyways, she's bigger than me (though I'm smarter) so I better move.

Ciao for now!


Sparky said...


OMDog (er, cat), you made yourself a blog! This is pawesome! Welcome to the animal blogosphere my friend!

Hey, you know, I would invite you to join the DWB (Dogs with Blogs) community, but unfortunately... You're not a dog... However, guess what new website was recently created? CWB!! Cats with Blogs! It's small right now since it was only recently started, but perhaps you'd like to try to join it and make new kitty friends... The link is:

Next time I blog, I'll introduce you to my blogging pals! I have lots of both dog and cat blogging pals, I'm sure they'll be happy to come over and say hello!

I hope you have a GRRRReat (er, PURRRReat) day!


Sarah-Jill and Dinah said...

Thanks so much Sparky! I've joined now!

I'll meow at you later!